Directorate of Health Services

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Guidelines and Examination performa for Medico Legal cases of victims of sexual violence

Guidelines & Protocols for victims of Sexual Violence

Reminder for output of 300 contractual Doctors dated 3-6-14

Guideline for work output of 300 Contractual Doctors for Regularization dated 12-3-14

 Guideline regarding Monitoring of Prerna Yojna dated 26-4-14
 Guideline for AIPGMEE [Pre-PG] 2014-inservice candidates- dated 12-3-14
 Guideline for maintenance of Govt. Health institutions & residential buildings dated 17-1-14
 Guideline for Local Purchase of Medicine & equipment letter dated 10-10-2013
 Cancellation of Leave till 30-09-2013 due to monsoon season dated 3-8-2013
 Family Welfare Operations - Financial guideline for Training dated 2-8-2013
 Family Welfare Operation Campaign dated 24-7-2013
 Alert on epidemic disease during monsoon season dated 18-6-13  [IDSP]  
 Prerna Abhiyan - Guidelines 2013
 SIAF &  Bal Hriday Upchar Yojna - Guideline dated 12-7-2013
 Guidelines for N.O.C of bonded Doctors - 2013
 Guidelines for CMHO's regarding Administrative control of Districts
 Guidelines regarding implementation of Sampark-Sethu [CUG]


 Guideline reg.  Namkaran of Govt. Building/Public Institutions/Programmes
 Deen Dayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojna- Guidelines for successful implementation- letter dated 17-9-12
 Guidelines for adoption of child [Cradle Points]
 Bima Yojna (Family Welfare) 2011 - Guideline

Selection Grade order-Specialist - Guideline

 Janani Sureksha Yojna- Guidelines - Year 2007

Deputation Guidelines of Officers/Employees of Health Department  dated 31-03-2006