Nursing Division

Directorate of Health Services

5th Floor, Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal - 462004


Posting Promotion Gradation C.R/D.E Service Rules Leave-Sanction-2015


Revised Orders-2015


स्टाफ नर्स के पद पर नियुक्ति हेतु जारी आवंटन के सम्बन्ध में vide No. 126 dt. 5-2-15

Florence Nightingale Award for the year - 2015 - Format

समयमान वेतनमान for Staff Nurses vide No. 91 dt. 29-1-15

Sanction of study Leave for 2 years [[ANM-Post Baisic/B.Sc/M.Sc] vide order No. 53 dt. 15-1-15

Disqualifying application of Smt. Pramila Mahegia & Ku. Sheetal Sanodia, Seoni vide No. 21 dt. 13-1-15

Cancellation of Deputation of Services to DME by Smt. Rekha Pacnholi vide No. 19 dt. 13-1-15

Workshop of Matrons on 16 Jan'15 at Bhopal vide No. 15 dt. 9-1-2015

Instructions to join on promoted post of Nursing Sister vide no. 10 dt. 7-1-15

upto 2014

 Workshop of Metrons on 5th & 6th Jan'15 at Bhopal vide No. 1330 dt. 27-12-14
 Cancellation of application/request for changing Posting Place (SN to NS) vide No. 1336 dt. 29-12-14
 Instructions to Join on promoted posts of Sister Tutor vide order No. 1127 dt. 17-11-2014
 GNM Training (LHV/ANM/MPW-[F] vide order No. 1222 dated 4-12-14
 GNM Training (LHV/ANM/MPW[F] vide order No. 1118 dt. 14-11-14 [4 candidates]

GNM Training (LHV/ANM/MPW(F) vide order No. 1034 dt. 20-10-2014 [22]

Order- Post Basic Diploma in Operation Room for STAFF NURSE at Choitram Hospital, Indore vide No.1110 dt. 14-11-14

Order- Post Basic Diploma in Critical care for STAFF NURSE at Choitram Hospital, Indore vide No.1108 dt. 14-11-14

 Regarding Payment Dues of Candidates under swalamban Yojna vide No. 1077 dt. 5-11-14
 List of candidates under consideration for promotion of DPHNO vide No. 1070 dt. 31-10-14

Post Basic Diploma [Operation Room] for Staff Nurses vide order No. 1009  dt. 15-10-2014

Post Basic Diploma [Critical Care] for Staff Nurses vide order No. 1011 dt. 15-10-2014

 GNM  प्रसिक्षण केंद्र में प्रवेश अनुमति देने के सम्बन्ध में - Ku. Seema Kanash No. 977 dt. 29-9-14
 Post Basic Training- order No. 971 dt. 24-9-14 of selected candidates
 Permission to joining at GNM Training Centre vide No. 965 dt. 23-9-14
 Short Term Course at CMC Vellore - Nomination letter No.839 dt. 23-8-14
 GNST-PNST-2014 selection procedures
 11 नवीन GNM प्रशिक्षण केंद्रे में 357 पदों को सृजित करने की स्वीकृति
 Promotion order from Nursing Sister to Sister Tutor dated 30-7-14
 List of Pass out ANMs from year 2009 to 2014
 Promotion from Nursing Sister to Metron No. 688 dt. 15-7-14
 Joining information of STAFF NURSES against order No. 372 dt. 5-5-14 & 459 dt. 24-5-14
 Departmental Training for all Nursing Cadre - 2014 Application Format No. 674 dt 11-7-14

Posting order of ANM-GNM (Departmental Training) order dated 666 dt. 10-7-14

Extension of Joining date against Posting Order- 2013

 स्टाफ नर्स से सिस्टर टयूटर के पद पर पदोन्नति हेतु शिक्षानिक योग्यता से सम्बंधित अभिलेखों के परिक्षण बावत
 आवंटित स्टाफ नर्स को नियुक्ति देने के सम्बन्ध में Sagar & Gwalior Division  
 Tentative List [DPC for Sister Tutor] - 2014

Post Basic Diploma in Critical care Nursing - 2014

 Conselling of G.N.M on 28th & 29th May at Directorate

Incomplete Gradation List as on 1-4-2012 of  B.Sc NURSE which needs updated/corrected information [629] B.Sc Nurses

 Order regarding disbursing salary o STAFF Nurses- Revised re-Distribution             Annexure
 Order reg. continuation of services of STAFF NURSES till further court decision dated 6-3-14
 List for promotion of  STAFF NURSE to Nursing Sister  under consideration/Circulation

Promotion List-  Sister Tutor to PHN-DPHN dated 26-2-2014

Promotion List of  STAFF NURSE TO NURSING SISTER/Housekeeper

Cancellation [3] of order No. 191 dated 3-3-2014 Staff Nurse to NS dated 26-4-14

 Counseling of Waiting List STAFF Nurses [551] on 24 & 25 th Feb'14 at Bhopal      MERIL LIST
 Extension of Joining of STAFF NURSES upto 18-2-14
 Departmental Training LHV/ANM to General Nursing Training order dated 11-2- 2014
 Departmental Training order GNM/ANM order No. 47 dated 27-1-2014

ANMTST 2nd counseling List - 2014

Letter regarding DPC of Staff Nurses dated 28-12-2013

Vacant posts information's of Nursing Sister & sister tutor 

CR status of Staff Nurses as on 01-04-2012

CR Status of Public Health Nurses as on 01-03-2013

Court decision against notice No. 9/Nursing/Cell-2/2013/451 & 452 dated 24-5-2013

Counselling Dates for  Staff Nurses against 2000 vacant posts                Merit List  

 Notice regarding Conseling/Posting of Staff Nurses - 2000 Posts  
 Sanction of Leave for Training Period of ANM/GNM order dated 6-9-2013 
 GNTST - 2nd round Allotment List
 Schedule for GNTST -2013 counseling 

Selection List of Post-Basic Training-2013 order dated 5-8-2013 

Permission letter for M.Sc Nursing Training leter dated 5-8-2013

Newly appointed Staff Nurses under Probation period - letter dated 24-7-13

 Time Scale Pay for Nursing Cadre dated 15-07-2013

Allotment List- 1st round - B.Sc Nursing-2013 

Vacant seats at Jabalpur & Ujjain

Time Table for PNST-GNTST-2013 

Order reg. stipend amount to Nursing Students- dated 14-05-2013

 Posting order of Nurses [promotion of ANM to GNM] dated 11-6-13  
 Order reg. stipend amount to Nursing Students- dated 14-05-2013

Departmental Training for ANM/Post-Basic/M.Sc Nursing - 2013 

Revised Pay-scale for Nurses dated 11-10-2012

Florence Nightingale Nurses award-2013 

Nursing Home Act & Rules

Appointment of STAFF NURSE on contractual basis under RCH/NRHM

Cancellation of fake order No.1896 dt. 29-12-10 [Staff Nurse]

 Regarding retirement age of Nurses  - 65 Yrs     Gazette Order   Departmental order
 Departmental Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Training - 2012