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Finance-Budget-Audit Division orders/Letters - 2015     upto May-2015   June-2015     July-2015

श्रीमती दुर्गा बिसेन संविदा कुष्ट कर्मचारी का अभ्यावेदन अमान्य किया जाना vide No. 1579/2015 dt. 20-7-15

Suspension order of Dr. Vachaspati Sharma, Nodal Officer Gwalior & Dr. Ashok Virang, Joint Director, DHS dt. 16-7-2015

संलग्नीकरण समापत करने बाबत vide No. 1513 dt. 13-7-15

प्रधान मंत्री जन धन योजना               HyperLink to प्रधान मंत्री जन धन योजना

PM Suraksha Bima for ASHA's working under NRHM vide No. 7158 dt. 4-7-15

Reg. decision on 65 Daily Wages Employees working in Health Department at District Level vide No. F-03-03-2015-17-Med-1 dt. 4-7-15

 Reg. C.R for the year ending on 31st March'15- Authorization to Dr. K K Thassu & Dr. B.N Chauhan as forwarding Officers - 117 dt. 4-7-15

Suo Motu Writ Petition [Criminal] 24 of 2014

Information required about retirement of Class-i & ii officers during the year 2016 vide No. 909 dt. 29-6-15

Charge of Supptt., T.B Hospital, Bhopal - vide No. 924 dt. 29-6-15 - Dr. Manoj Verma

 Charge of JD, Jabalpur vide No. 876 dt. 25-6-15 - Dr. Surendra Lal Sahu
 Charge of JD, Gwalior & 'State Training Centre, Gwalior vide No. 1353 dt. 19-6-15 - Dr. Archana Shingwaker

Charge of Civil Surgeon - Dewas District Hospital vide No. 508 dt. 17-4-15 - Dr. Prkash Garg

Charge of Civil Surgeon - Datia District Hospital vide No. 373 dt. 11-3-15 - Dr. Smt. Pratibha Shrivastava

Charge of Managing Director, MPPHSCL vide no. F-12-47/13/17 dt 12-2-15 to Shri Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, IAS

Charge of CMHO, Burhanpur & Civil Surgeon, Gwalior vide order dated 16&19th Feb'2015

Charge of CMHO & Civil Surgeon of Raisen District Hospital vide No. 222 dt. 13-2-15

Charge of Information Officers [RTI] of CFD vide order No. 788 dt. 10-2-15

Charge of Civil Surgeon - Satna District Hospital vide No. 167 dt. 05-2-15 - Dr. S B Singh

Charge of Civil Surgeon - J P Hospital vide order No. 178-332-2015/17/Med-1 dt. 02-2-15 - Dr. Anil Shukla

Charge of DPH vide no. 112/2015/17/Med-1 dt. 20-1-15 due to Election Duty

Charge of CMHO/Civil Surgeon of J P Hospital vide order No. 73-332-2015/17/Med-1 dt. 15-1-15

 Discussion on CEMonc, BemonC on 23-6-2015 at Directorate vide No. 827 dt. 18-6-15

Hearing on 22-6-2015 before Health Commissioner reg. non-attending Training Programme vide No. 1393 dt. 18-6-15

Authorization Fees Rs. 28,35,400/- to Pollution Control Board for payment vide No. 805  dt. 09-6-15

 Regarding charges of National Health Programmes given to NRHM Officers vide No. 798 dt. 15-6-15

Regarding service charges under RKS for OPD/IPD patients [clarification required] vide No. 818  dt. 10-6-15

 Recovery against Drug suppliers vide No. 68 dt. 10-6-15

योगा दिवस - on 21st June 2015 vide No.793 dt. 04-06-2015 - Circular

Personal Storage Space for Citizens- प्रदेश के नागरिकों को डिजिटल लाकर सुविधा- vide no. 1028 dt. 24-4-15    HyperLink

Charge of Health Commissioner vide no. 855 dt. 25-5-15 to Smt. Dipali Rastogi, IAS

Road Safety Committee vide order No. F-12-25/17/Med-3 dt. 1-5-15

Reallocation of NMS under Leprosy Programme vide No. 1032/464/2015/17/Med-1 dt. 13-5-15

Emergency Duty revised order vide No. F-5-14-2015-17-Med-2 dated 9-4-2015 

Promotion to BEE- प्रस्तावित पद्स्तापना स्टाल में परिवर्तन हेतु vide No. 401 dt. 2-5-2015

Ending of Deputation of Dr. Brijesh verma of State Insurance Services vide No. 884/6673/2014/17/Med-1 dt. 22-4-15

Retirement order of Dr. A N Mittal, Director vide order No. F-18-01/2015/17/Med-1 dt. 30-4-15

चिकित्सकीय संवर्ग के अधिकारीयों को स्वीकृत चार स्तरीय वेतनमान में समाधान - vide No. F-12-04/2015/17-Med-1 dt. 23-4-15

स्नातकोत्तर चिकत्सकों के लिए अग्रिम वेतन वृधि एवं राजपत्रित सेवा भर्ती नियम 2007 में संशोधन vide No. F-2-01/2015/17-Med-1 dt. 23-4-15

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey- ortho specialist- order for 2 days working attachment at CHC Nowgaon vide No. 514 dt. 20-4-2015

Issue of Certificate of disability vide No. 563 dt. 15-4-2015

Meeting for data updation of Doctors at Directorate from 22nd to 29th april'2015 vide No. 570 dt. 10-4-2015

 मुख्यमंत्री स्वेच्छानुदान/सहायता कोष से आर्थिक सहायता स्वीकृति हेतु ONLINE SOFTWARE हेतु जानकारी भेजने बाबत vide No.49 dt.31-3-15

6-4-2015 को विभागीय सम्युक्त परामर्शदात्री समिति की बैठक आहूत किये जाने के सम्बन्ध में vide No. 495 dt. dt. 26-3-15

Ensure following norms of pre-audit before making payment of Drugs/Equipment & others vide No. 1104 dt.27-3-15

 मौसमी बिमारियों पर नियंत्रण की समीक्षा बाबत vide No. F-10-8/2015/17/Med-2 dt. 13-3-15

6 months extension of services of Contractual Doctors working against 300 Posts vide No. 374 dt.11-3-15

Dr. D L Rathore, Medical Specialist का अभ्यावेदन अमान्य किया जाना vide No. 442 dt. 26-2-15

नवीन औषधि नीति 2009 के नियम 18.1.2  का पालन में प्रदायकर्ता फर्म से पेनल्टी का कटोत्रा न किया जाना राशी Rs. 2.37 करोड़- 926 dt. 26-2-15

वरिष्ट अनुसूचित जनजाति वर्ग की ANM का प्रमारिकरण बाबत vide No. 124 dt. 23-2-15

Financial sanctions & copies of Tenders & details to be sent directly to AG Office vide No.892 dt. 19-2-15

स्वाइन फ्लू के इलाज- मुख्यमंत्री स्वेच्छानुदान मत से राशी स्वीकृत किये जाने सम्बन्ध vide No. 3101 dt. 13-2-15

Cancellation of Leave of Officers/Employees of Directorate in view of Swine Flue vide No. 246 dt. 11-2-15

Pre-PG-2015- Form 8 & 8-A

Constitution of Committee for State NRHM Health Society vide order No. F-10-4-2015-17-Med-2 dt. 24-01-15

Permission to attend 68th Annual Conference of Indian Radiological Association vide No. 32 dt. 21-1-15

राष्ट्रिय मानव अधिकार आयोग नई दिल्ली से सीधे पत्राचार vide No. 75/2015/Med-2 dt. 12-01-2015

Reg. Point-wise details during auditing [61 कंडिका] vide No. 835 dt. 12-1-15

Ending attachment & Relieving of Doctors/Nurses/Paramedical/other employees by 15-1-15 vide No. 58 dt. 12-01-15

Services of Dr. Manik Chand Meghwani, Peadiatrician at Civil Hosp., Khurai vide No. 71 dt. 13-1-15

Releasing salary of MPW [F] as per court directions vide order No. 6 dt. 3-1-2015

No expenditure to be done under installation of Solar Photovoltaic system under Head No.  6624 vide No. 985 dt. 3-1-15


Drawing salary of MPW & ANM vide letter no. 955 dt. 27-12-14

Review of daily expenditure & Physical & Financial achievement vide Letter No. 953 dt. 27-12-14

 Guideline for Bonded Doctors for MLC vide order No. 2182 dt. 22-12-14
 Starting Training of Promote LHV (F) from 1-2-2015 vide letter No. 1671 dt. 15-12-14
 Charge of CMHO, Rewa to Dr. Anand Kumar Khare vide order No. 2107 dt. 15-12-14
 Proposal for extension of service period for 6 months of 300 Contractual Doctors vide No. 2060 dt. 11-12-2014
 Completion of Probation Period- 2014
 Charge of District Health Officer, Dewas- Dr. Ashok Verma vide order No. 2031 dt. 6-12-14
 List of Dismissed Drug Suppliers  
 "शासकीय सेवक " शब्द का उपयोग करने बावत् vide order No. 3-13/2014/1/3 dt. 01-11-2014
 विधानसभा सत्र, 2014 के प्रशनों के उत्तर भेजने बावत् vide No. 1426 dt. 01-12-2014
 महिला स्वास्थ्य कार्यकर्ता की नियमित नियुक्ति के सम्बन्ध में निर्देश 1044 dt. 1-12-14[ Ban on ANM regular appointment]
 Sanction order for civil works in PHC's dt. 20-10-2014 in SC/ST/General area
 Recovery order No. 2009/med-1 dt. 18-11-14 & 2007-med-1 dt. 18-11-14 of Dr. Yogiraj Sharma for Rs. 12.99 + 1.60 Lakhs
 Recovery Order No. 2008/Med-1 dt. 22-11-14 of dr. Ashok Sharma for Rs. 8,58,42,035/-
 Sanction of Special Leave from 28th to 30th Nov'14 for Dental surgeons to attend Conference at Gwalior vide No. 718-22-11-14
 Creation of New Posts vide order No. F-12-10/2014/17/Med-3 dt. 10-11-14 of Chief Manager/Manager/Dy. Manager/Asst. Manager
 निशुल्क भोजन उपलब्ध कराने के सम्बन्ध में at Govt. Hospitals vide order No. F-12/M3 dt. 28-10-2014
 Recovery order No. 792-w dt. 3-11-14 of NG Section of Mr. Madhukar Vyas & Mr. Abdul Kayum Khan
 Regarding Payment Dues of Candidates under swalamban Yojna vide No. 1077 dt. 5-11-14
 पदोन्नति / समयमान वेतनमानप्रकरणों का समयावधि में कार्यवाही करने बाबत vide No. NG/797-w dt. 03-11-14
 Computer Proficiency Certification Test - CPCT IT Deptt. order No. F-14-16/2012/56 dt. 20-10-2014
 Increase of Sterilization Operation Compensation amount vide No. 83 dt. 28-10-14
 Extension of retirement order vide Order No. 4143 dt. 30-10-14 of Dr. K K Thassu, i/c Director
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Hoshangabad District Hospital vide order No. 4127 dt. 22-10-14
 Order reg. merging of I.T department in Science & Technology Deptt. vide No. 14-20/2014/41-2 dt. 13-10-14
 Reg. disposal of case of Ms. Kalpana Sharma vide No. 923 dt. 27-10-14
 Letter No. 579 dt. 21-10-14 reg. भारत के नियंत्रक एवं महालेखा परीक्षक के प्रतिवेतन...etc कार्यवाही सुनिचित किये जाने बाबत
 correction order of Final Gradation List of M.O as on 01-04-2013 vide order No. 1873 dt. 21-10-14
 Revised contractual salary of Refrigerator Mechanic vide order No. 4115 dt. 21-10-2014
 दीपावली पर्व में आंखों को चोट से बचाने एवं उपचार
 दीपावली के अवसर पर चिकित्सालयों में समुचित आकस्मिक चिकित्सा व्यवस्ता बनाये रखने के सम्बन्ध में
 नवीन 500 उप स्वास्थ्य केन्द्रों को फर्नीचर व उपकरण क्रय हेतु आवंटन
 Information required regarding List of  Class-i/Class-ii officers under retirement for the yeat 2015
 बैंक में संचालित विभिन्न खातो के मासिक मिलान करने बाबत vide No. 3499 dt. 16-7-2014
 CR- 2015 of Officers/employees- Authorized by Dr. B N Chauhan, Director vide order No. 392 dt. 13-10-14 
 Order regarding Review DPC of MPW (male) of Rewa Division vide No. 915 dt. 13-10-2014

 Letter reg. payment details of Medicines & equipments vide No. 538 dt. 7-10-14 - CS, Rewa

 Order reg. Health care Investment Policy- 2012 dated 7-10-14
 Sanction of Authorization Fee to Pollution Control Board vode order No. 1756 dt. 25-9-14
 Cancellation of RJD's order [Ujjain] for Nodal Officer-Legal Dr. suresh Chauhan [Agar] No.1801 dt. 7-10-14 
 Information required for Regularization of 300 Doctors working against contractual Posts vide No. 1790 dt. 4-10-14
 Charge of RJD Bhopal Diivision - Dr. Kiran Shejwar vide orde No. 3928 dt. 1-10-14
 मुख्यमंत्री बाल श्रवण योजना आदेश No. 435 dt. 1-10-2014
 Reg. immediate disposal of cases under  मुख्यमंत्री हेल्पलाइन vide letter No. 1356 dt. 01-10-2014
 Cancellation of mass-leave on 30-09-14
 Work distribution for Director/Addl. Director/Dy. director vide order No. 2014/17/Med-2 dt. 29-9-14
 Permission to joining on Duty- dr. S R Chauhan, Mandsaur vide No. 1734 dt. 27-9-14
 हड़ताल में सम्मिलित कर्मचारियों के वेतन में 5 दिवस की कटोती का समायोजन order No. 3892 dt. 26-9-14
 माननीय न्यायालयों द्वारा जारी आदेशों का क्रियान्यवयन सुनिचित करने के लिए प्रक्रिया vide No.205 dt. 24-9-14
 Cancellation of Leave from 8 - 10th October due to Global Investors submit at Indore vide NS of dated 16-9-14 
 Handing & Taking over Charge of Shri. Rajeev Chandra Dubey IAS vide No. 2075-A dt. 12-9-14
 Preparation of Budget for the year 2015-16 vide letter No.185 dt. 11-9-14
 आरक्षण रोस्टर अनुसार सीधी भारती के रिकत पदों की जानकारी No. 672-U dt. 10-9-14
 Deduction of VAT Tax at source letter no. 154 dt. 8-9-14
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, DH, Katni vide order No. 1646 dt. 18-9-14
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, DH, Ashok Nagar vide order No. 1634 dt. 18-9-14
 Charge of Civil Surgeon Morena District Hospital vide order No. 516 dt. 8-9-14
 Charge of CMHO, Rewa- Dr. Harsh Narayan singh vide No. 2344 dt. 5-9-14
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Rewa Dr.Anand Kumar Khare vide No. 1498 dt. 5-9-14
 बैंकों के माध्यम से संचालित विभिन्न योजनायो के अंतर्गत हितग्राहीयों को अनुदान, व्याज, गारंटी शुल्क का योजना 149 dt. 5-9-14
 परिभाषित अंशदान पेंशन योजना के क्रियान्यवयन में आ रही कठिनयियो के निराकरण बाबत
 Contractual appointment of Dr. Amir Chand Sonkar, Pathologist dt. 2-9-14
 Handing & Taking over charge of DPH vide No.2000 dt. 01-9-14
 Dr. PNS Chauhan - posting order No. 6280 dt. 27-8-14
 Drawal of Salary of Mr. Pushpendra Singh, lab Technician dt. 19-8-14
 Return of Services to RJD Office, Bhopal of Smt. Madhu Sharma Asst. Gr-2 order No. 1910 dt. 22-8-14
 Return of services to Police department of Mr. Ram Singh , Male Nurse No. 816 dt. 112-8-14
 Reg. Transfer of Dr. Dharmraj Pachisiya, MO Np.1290 dt. 11-8-14
 प्रदेश में हरियाली महोत्सव पर एक दिन में एक करोड़ पोधे का रोपण
 समग्र सामाजिक सुरक्षा कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत प्रसूति सहायता order no. Med-2 dt. 23-7-2014
 Charge of Enquiry against Dr. Sikendar Singh Sikhdar, CMHO, Ashok Nagar No. 1862 dt. 28-7-14
 Leprosy Rehabilitation & Promotion Unit shifter to Katju Hospital order dt. 28-7-14
 National Human Rights Commission - आश्रित को राज्य सरकार द्वारा मुवाबजा दिए जाने की अनुसंसा dt. 26-7-14
 पासपोर्ट एवं विदेश यात्रा हेतु अनुमति दिए जाने के संबध में
 विभाग के अंतर्गत दुर्विनियोजन, हानियाँ, गबन, उपलेखन के प्रकरण की जानकारी बावत No. 329 dt. 24-7-14
 Letter reg. disposal of Pending audit cases letter No. 302 dt. 16-7-14
 विभागीय पदोन्नति समिति - नियमित रूप से आयोजित करने बावत dt. 13-May-2014
 Finance- reg. G.P.F account of Officers/Employees- Letter No. 82 dated 10-7-14
 Work Allotment of Directors/i/c Directors order No.F-10-48/Med-2 dated 9-7-14
 MP ONLINE में RTI लागू किया जाना
 ग्लोबल बजट सिस्टम  leter No. 83 dt. 3-7-14
 Extension of Deputation of Dr. Archana Dubey Chopra (i/c) Dy. Director order dated 25-6-14
 Charge of CS - Morena Dr. G S Rajput order No. 1013 dated 27-6-14
 वेतन निर्धारित करने के पूर्व प्रकरणों को स्थिति स्पष्ट करने के सम्बन्ध में letter No. 1330 dt. 24-6-14

Charge of CS- Shajapur to Dr. Dr. B S Maina order No. 956 dated 23-6-14

Charge of Mental Caring of Prisoners at District Jail, Dhar to Dr. Vijaya Sakpal, DPM order no. 954 dt. 23-6-14

Case related to Late Dr. O P Gupta, MO, Rajgarh letter dt. 23-6-14

Guidelines and Examination performa for Medico Legal cases of victims of sexual violence

Guidelines & Protocols for victims of Sexual Violence

 जननी सुरक्षा योजना/ प्रसूति अवकाश सहायता letter No.160 dated 17-6-2014
 संपर्क सेतु योजना का क्रियान्वयन order No. 609 dated 10-6-14
 संवाद सेतु योजना का क्रियान्वयन order No. 610 dated 10-6-14
 Providing information of class-i & class ii Doctors applied for VRS in 2015
 Action on Humar Right related complaints - letter No.2756/1919/2014/17/Med-1 dated 6-6-14
 Handing & Taking over charge of Health Commissioner No. 1302 dated 5-6-2014
 keviat against suspended Doctors at Jabalpur High Court letter No. 1156 dated 4-6-14
 Cancellation order of dr. V.K Sanjay, Director, State TB Training Centre order dated 2-6-14
 Reg. Budget provision for Maternity Leave letter No.46 dated 31-5-14
 Dr. Ashutosh Suryavanshi, Medical Officer, Chhindwara reg adding name in Gradation List dated 28-5-14
 Mission Director, NRHM order No. E-1/135/2014/5/F dated 27-5-14 of Shri. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, IAS
 Letter reg. Pending Audit cases - Tour roster - letter No. 145 dated  24-5-14
 Leave Sanction order of Dr. Smt.  Dhanila Narayan, Dy. Director, dated 12-5-14
 Unsettled temporary advance more than one year and above letter No. 39 dated 8-5-14
 Order reg. Departmental Enquiry Cases No.1060 dated 30-04-14 
 Dr. C.M.Tripathi - Charge of DDO of State Blood Transfusion Council orderr dated 24-4-14
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Shajapur dated 1-5-14 [Order Confirmation]
 Enquiry Officer- Mission Director [NRHM] against Dr. S K Shrivastava (Retired) order dated 23-4-14
 Regarding Salary status of newly appointed PSC selected Doctors Letter No. 545 dated dated 26-4-14
 Regarding Salary drawal report Letter No. 552-G dated dated 26-4-14
 Work Allotment order of Mr. Rajiv Chandra Dubey, IAS, Director PH&FW dated 16-4-14
 GoI Letter regarding urgent need to make Health Care accessible and affordable for all citizens
 Global Budget System- Letter No. 02 dated 11-4-14
 Guideline for releasing salary of CBMO/Administrative/Specialist/Medical Officers dated 11-4-14
 Guidelines of Reserve bank of India reg. security norms for Cheque forms 

Common Tender Document for Annual Contract for Housekeeping services  

Common Tender document for Annual Contract for Security Services

 Action against FAKE DOCTORS letter dated 5-4-14
 The sexual Harassment of women at workplace- ACT-2013 with covering letter 2-4-14
 Sanction of amount to SIAF & Bal Hruday Upchar yojna- Permission from Election Commission dated 13-3-14
 Bio-Medical Waste Management- Budget sanction of Rs. 28,74,600
 Lok Sabha Election - 2014 - Code of Conduct- Guidelines dated 10-3-2014
 Guidelines from Audit Division reg. following instructions on Financial matters dated 20-3-14
 Relieving order of Mr. M P Singh, Chief Engineer dated 11-3-14
 Order regarding charge of Civil Surgeon of Betul District Hospital dated 11-3-14
 Order reg. special increment of Smt. Rajudevi Soni, LHV dated 7-3-14
 Order regarding disbursing salary of STAFF Nurses- Revised re-Distribution      Annexure      
 Work Distribution order of Directors dated 6-3-14

Order reg. continuation of services of STAFF NURSES till further court decision dated 6-3-14

Extension of period and wages of Leprosy workers NMS/NMA/Assistant order dated 4-3-14

Extension of period Mr. Ashish Tiwari & Rakesh Singh Thakur order dated 4-3-14

Extension of period of Paramedical staff till 31-3-15 order dated 4-3-14

 Charge of Superintendent of  Itarsi Jansewa Rugnalaya Hospital
 Option/ Choice for Promotion fri, Dental Surgeons to Dental Specialist
 Drawing & Disbursing power to CS-Agar District dated 20-02-2014
 Charge of CMHO, Alirajpur - Dr. Ansuya Gawli order dated 21-2-14
 Instruction to Disbursing of salary of Doctors till 24-2-14 upto 3.00 pm
 instruction reg. releasing salary of newly appointed Doctors & Nurses in Districts

 Counseling of PGDPHM MO's at DHS on 19-Feb-14

 Action against Mr. Harendra Singh Narvariya, Ward Boy, Bhind  
 Salary during PG course order dated 11-2-14
 Sending C.R & Work Output Report of Gazetted Officers as on 31-3-2013
 Order & instructions regarding Shri Amarnathji Yatra - 2014
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Narsinghpur order dated 6-2-14
 Work allotment of Dr. Sanjay Goel, IAS, Director [PHFW] order dated 5-2-14
 Charge of CMHO, Tikamgarh order dated 4-2-14
 Reporting of Information regarding mass leave on 31-1-14 - New Format
 Smt. Abharani Singh, ANM order dated 3-2-14
 Enquiry Officer [Dr. PNS Chauhan] order dated 3-1-14 against death case at Shajapur DH on 31-1-14
 Enquiry Officer [Dr. B.N Chauhan] order dated 3-1-14 against delivery case at JP Hospital, Bhopal on 31-1-14
 Deduction of 5 Days salary of ANM/MPW/LHV/MPS/BEE during strike period order dated 1-2-14
 Instructions reg. mass leave of Doctors & others after court order 31-1-14
 Instruction reg. mass leave of Doctors & other staff on 31-1-2014
 Home Department Order dated 29-1-14 reg. action against Doctors only after proper technical opinion
 Prohibit Refusal to work in the Essential Services - Home Dept. Gazette No. 59 dated 30-1-2014
 Training on 12 software's & e-Health Monitoring in different districts  order dated 30-1-14
 Issue of Disability Certificate - Order with application Form
 CM Helpline Call Centre - Information
 Charge of CS, Agar District- Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain, order dated 29-1-2014
 Gazette No. 2 dated 4-1-2014 for issue of Disability Certificate
 Letter reg. immediate disposal of cases received from Hon'ble Chief Ministers Office dated 17-1-14
 Guideline for maintenance of Govt. Health institutions & residential buildings dated 17-1-14
 Order reg CMHO & Civil Surgeon as HOO, Agar District dated 20-01-2014 & Financial Charges 
 Charge of Civil Surgeons order dated 17-1-2014 [Balaghat, Ratlam & Jhabua]
 Emergency & Hospital Working Timings - order dated 06-01-2014 
 Order reg. authorization for treatment & investigation at AIIMS & BMHRC dated 31-12-13


 CBMO - Regarding Private Practice & Head Quarter Leaving instructions dated 19-12-2013
 Charge of CMHO Mandsaur dated 22-11-2013
 Correction order of smt. Jagwati Singh Thakur [Metron] dated 31-12-2013
 Dr. Smt. Sushila Yadav, MO, sagar letter reg. drawing of salary dated 31-12-2013
 Work Distribution of works allotted to Dr. K K Thassu order dated 20-12-2013
 Instruction towards recovery of Hartal Days of MPW  - order dated 11-12-2013 
 Smt. A R Manu, LHV, Harda - reg cancellation of transfer request- order dated 9-12-2013
 Work Output Monitoring Report of MO-Specialist- letter dated 7-12-2013
 Mr. Raghunath Prasad Sallam, MPW order dated 13-11-13
 CBMO- creation of POST - order  No. 1004 dated 24-04-2006
 Charge of CMHO District Hospital, Mandsaur [Dr. Pradeep Sharma]
 Permission orders from Election Commission - 2013  
 Verification of services of employees - circular dated 29-10-2013

Guideline for Local Purchase of Medicine & equipment letter dated 10-10-2013

 Permission to Joining on Duty - Dr. Amit Naik order dated 4-10-2013
 Revised Honorarium for contractual/Bonded Doctors- order dated 14-06-2013
 Charge of Civil Surgeon-cum-supptt. of District Hospital, Shajapur [Dr. D k Dubey]
 OIC order [Dr. RJD Indore] - Revised OIC order against Dr. Pankaj Shrivastava, MO, Khandwa
 Mass Leave of Doctors on 13 & 14th Sep'2013 - Instructions from Health Commissioner 
 Letter regarding Training of MPW-(M/F) & LHV dated 5-9-2013
 Cancellation of letter No.steno/DPH/07/399 dated 7-5-2007 reg. promotion of Health Educator
 Guideline for cleaning & security in Health Institutions dated 31-08-2013
 Letter regarding avmanna prakran WP-6963/12 - Dr. Devendra Kumar Jain dated 31-8-2013
 Medical Facilities- Decentralization of Treatment permission- order dated 26-08-2013 
 Disposal of Expiry Medicines - guidelines dated 26-8-13 
 Acid Regulation & Supreme Court Order Poison Act/Rules 
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Morena to CMHO Dr.G S Rajput- order dated 24-08-2013 
 OIC order - revised order against Dr. Vasudeo, MO & Mr. G L Jatav, DLO dated 14-8-13
 Private Practice og Govt. Doctors- clarification order dated 7-8-2013
 Private practice of Govt. Doctors- Guideline dated 14-08-2013
 Private practice of Govt. Doctors - order dated 7-8-2013
 Private private practice of Govt. Doctors-2013 Letter
 Private Practice of Govt. Doctors Year-2009

Cancellation of Leave till 30-09-2013 due to mansoon season dated 3-8-2013

 Requirement of Technical Asst. (Scientist) on deputation under Radiation Safety Department dated 30-7-13 
 Financial & Administrative powers to Dr. I M Sharma, i/c CMHO, Rewa dated 23-7-13
 Newly appointed Staff Nurses under Probation period - letter dated 24-7-13
 OIC order - Dr. K K Thassu for Dr. A K Shrivastava, Retd. Joint Director, Indore dated 10-7-13
 Instructions regarding drawal of salary as per the instructions vide order dated 23-7-13 of PH&FW Deptt.

Ensuring presence at Headquarter of Officers/employees & Format for Salary drawal - order dated 23-7-13 

Action against officers Leaving Headquarter without proper permission- order dated 05-07-2013  

 Establishment of State HR-Cell through MPTAST- dated 19-7-13
 Time Scale Pay for Nursing Cadre dated 15-7-13
 OIC order - Dr. K L Sahu for Dr. Parmavati Pandey, Retd. CMHO, Rewa - (revised) dated 11-7-13
 Action against officers Leaving Headquarter without proper permission- order dated 05-07-2013  
 Charge of DIO, Datia - Dr. K.M Varun Medical Officer dated 25-6-2013
 Sending C.R of Gazetted Officers for the year ending on 31st March 2013
 Order reg. Permission for treatment of Govt. employess outside M.P
 Order reg. stipend amount to Nursing Students- dated 14-05-2013
 Order reg. charge of enquiry Officer against Dr. B K Chaubey- Dr. B N Chauhan & RJD Bhopal dated 29-5-2013
 Charge of Civil Surgeon & DIO - Datia district Dr. R S Gupta & Dr. Pradeep Upadhyay
 Order regarding authority for CR Gradation for the year 2013- Dr. K K Thassu & Dr. PNS Chauhan
 Immunization Programme & reinforcement- circulars dated 20-02-2013
 Charge of Civil Surgeon, Gwalior - Dr. V K Gupta order dated 16-05-2013
 Regarding Inspection of all Health Institutions letter dated 29-04-2013
 Attachment order of Dr. Smt. Maya Saxena, Eye Specialist at District Hospital at Vidisha
 Mamta Abhiyan - Letter regarding tour programme & Check List dated 15-04-2013
 NOC for contractual Doctors attending PSC
 Suspension order of Mr. Avinash Gautam, Store keeper, Harda
 Performance based incentives in High Focus Districts under NRHM 
 Extension order of contractual Doctors working against 300 vacant posts dated 10-04-2013
 Work allotment of Directors dated 03-04-2013
 Order reg. Nodal Officer for e-transactions - Mr Prashant Awasthi [A.O]
 Order reg. Medical allowance to Doctors dated 13-03-2013
 Letter regarding Monthly Target of Doctors & Hospitals - dated 01-03-2013
 Order of dr. Ashok Virang - Permission to joining on duty dated 21-02-2013
 Increment order of contractual employees working under NRHM
 Foreign travel without permission will be treated as unauthorized by Officers/Employees
 Powers to Civil surgeons to take administrative action against Class-iii & Class iv employees - dated 01-01-2013


 Revised wages of Non-Ministerial Contractual workers - 30-3-2012
 Action against Fake Doctors of M.P & Registered in outside M.P who practice in M.P
 Extension order for Contractual Doctors working against 300 vacant Posts
 Charge of Civil Surgeon cum Hospital Suppt. Shajapur - Dr. N C Jhala
 Charge of CMHO, Alirajpur - Dr. Ansuya Gawli
 Order regarding Maternity leave for 180 Days
 Reg. construction of Pre-Fabricated Sub Health Centres
 Reinstate order of Dr. Anil Alok Agrawal, Medical Officer
 Order regarding seniority list of Gynecologist (promoted from M.O to Class-i)
 Order regarding revised contract rate of NMS/NMS/Clerk under Leprosy Programme
 Letter regarding Mass Leave of Doctors on 16-10-2012 - Instructions to All RJD/CMHO/Civil Surgeons 
 Revised Pay-scale for Nurses dated 11-10-2012
 order regarding Head Of the Office [HOO] - Ms. Shailbala Martin dated 26-09-2012

  Order regarding power given to Divisional Commissioner to sanction upto Rs. 2.00 lacs under S.I.A.F

 Letter to All Divisional Commissioners/RJD's/CMHOs

 Letter to All Divisional Joint Directors regarding SIAF & Bal Hriday Yojna amount

 Letter to All Divisional Joint Directors regarding SIAF & Bal Hriday Yojna Application- 2012/2867 dt. 17-09-2012


 Bal Hriday Upchar Yojana Financial support - letter dt. 30-08-2012

 Dismiss order of Dr. Vimlesh Choudhary

 Dismiss order of Dr. Manoj Patodi
 Letter regarding regularization of contractual Dental Surgeons
 Facilities for Senior Citizens in Govt. Hospitals
 Remuneration of Contractual Dental Surgeons [Rs. 20000/-] letter dated 22-08-2012 
 Creation of Post- DIRECTOR PUBLIC HEALTH & FW (from Indian Administrative Services]
 Creation of Posts at Civil Hospital, Bhanpura, Mandsaur District
 Minutes of Meeting [Quarterly Review Meeting] held on 03-05-2012
 Sanction order of Rs.27,89,200/- for Bio-Medical waste management & Handling
 Negligence on bonded period - Dr. Pravin Kumar
 Non-acceptance Transfer application - Mr. Gowardhan Lal Jatav [Malaria Officer]
 Provisional Sponsorship Certificate for Doctors

Regularization of Contractual Doctors [43]

4th Stage Pay-Scale - Recovery against arrears - 01/06/2012

 4th Stage Pay-Scale of Doctors - Order
 4th Stage Pay-scale - Revised Order
 4th stage Pay-Scale for Medical Officers- June 2010
 4th stage Pay-Scale for Medical Officers-July-2010
 Action against unauthorized absent Doctors-2012
 Work distribution of Directors
 P.G Sponsorship Certificate for Medical Officers - 2012

Budget allotment for the year 2012-13 - Order

 Procurement of Medicines - under Drug Policy - 2009
 Revised salary order of  contractual Para Medical Staff
 Arrangement of Budget allotment for the financial year 2012-13 - Order  
 Order for contractual Doctors regularization -38 yrs
 Order for additional allotment of Budget 2011-12 under "Janani Sishu Sureksha Yojna" (NRHM)

 Office order regarding relieving of Doctors whose are working under RCH/NRHM

 Regarding retirement age of Doctors - 65 Yrs   

  Fin. Deptt. order     Gazette Order    Office Order    Clarification order

 Order for Nursing Cadre Retirement - 65 Yrs   Departmental order     Gazette Order

Exemption from emergency duty of Doctors above 50 years  

Amendment in Exemption from emergency duty of Doctors above 50 years

 Extension period of contractual period of Doctors working against 300 vacant posts
 Order for extension of Contract period of Leprosy Programme workers 
 Cancellation of fake order No.1896 dt. 29-12-10 [Staff Nurse]
 Order for Incentive to Team members for caesarean operation  in CEmONC  
 Clarification letter on Remuneration of Contractual/Bonded Doctors [Rs. 20000/-] 
 Remuneration of Contractual Doctors [Rs.8000/-]
 List of Dismissed Class-III employees appointed in 21-1-87 to 11-03-87 
 List of Dismissed Medical Officers - 2011
 Extension of contractual period of Doctors working against 300 vacant posts
 Providing services of Doctors of Health Department to Jail Department
 Not to relieve Staff Nurses who's are under probation period
 SCN issued to 170 PSC selected Medical officers
 Assured referral with maintenance of referral registers at the Health Facilities in the States
 Additional charge  of AIDS (APD) Control Society - Dr. K K Thassu
 Charge of Civil Surgeon of Barwani to CMHO Barwani
 Medical Assistance for Females victims against Domestic violence
 Increase of Salary of Medical officers (Contractual) from 15,000/- to 20,000/-
 Cancellation of Promotion order of Ms. Meena Arthur due to death
 Security of New Born babies in Government Hospitals - order
 Civil Surgeon - Satna charge allotment
 Final Gradation List of Staff Nurse as on 1/4/2010 - letter
 Reinstate order of Dr. Ashok Sharma, Direcor
 Regarding retirement age of Doctors  - 65 Yrs.
 Work allotment of MCH Medical Officers under NRHM

Electricity arrangements at Health Institutions

Appointment of Pathology & X-Ray Technicians under Govt. sponsored programme Year 2006-07

Scheme for developing a network of Trauma Centre - Contractual recruitment protocol with rates

Upgration of 1181 Posts from Medical Officers to Specialist

List of LTT/TT/NSV Surgeons in M.P   Letter

Work allotment of Doctors after completion of Training

Additional charge of Sagar Division to Dr. K L Sahu

Charge of Suppt., Itarsi to Dr. R P Tikaria, Medical Specialist

Cancellation of Show Cause Notice

Order for contractual Doctors regularisation (age limit)-38 yrs

Improvement in Intensive Care Facilities

Madhya Pradesh Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST)


Appointment of STAFF NURSE on contractual basis under RCH/NRHM

Regarding vehicles/staff of Health Department attached with District Collector

All IEC related procurements under Deptt. of PH & FW to be done by Madhya Pradesh MADHYAM

Malaria - Orders/circulars Year 2007

Mobile Health Clinic- Orders/Instructions Year 2007

Posting order of Doctors/Specialists at Districts - Year 2009

Drug Policy Order - Year 2007

Family Welfare related orders/circulars Year 2007

Hospital Administration related orders/circulars - Year 2007

Monthly Establishment Report of Nursing Homes/Clinics

Immunization related orders/Circulars - Year 2005-08

RCH related orders/Circulars - Year 2007

Deendayal Yojna - Year 2006

Rogi Kalyan samiti related orders/circulars - Year 2006

 Deputation Guidelines of Officers/Employees dt.  31-03-2006