who's who in the Department

Directorate of Health Services

4 - 6 th Floor,Satpura Bhawan

Bhopal- 462004

Madhya Pradesh

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Directorate Officials




Tel. Nos. & e-mail ID


Dr. Pallavi Jain Govil [IAS]

Commissioner Health


Fax : 0755-2571399

Managing Director


Office Establishment, Gazetted, Non Gazetted,

Medicine Procurement Cell,

Building Division, Development & Planning


Mission Director [NHM]


 National Health Mission


 C.E.O [Ayushman Bharat]

 Managing Director, MPPHSCL

Mr. Bhaskar Lakshakar [I.A.S]

 Ayushman Bharat Yojna

 Managing Director, MPPHSCL



Dr. B.N Chouhan

I.E.C Bureau, Non Communicable Disease

PC & PNDT, MTP & Other Acts, Blindness,

Mental Health, VVIP, Planning & Development

Budget Control Officer, Finance, Audit, Coordination,

Lok Sabha/Vidhan Sabha Coordination, Vidhan Sabha Pending Questions, CM/CS Monitoring, CM Declaration related works, Parakh & VC, SIAF, CM Bal Hriday Upchar Yojana, Deendayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojana, Yearly Planning, Samagra Samajik Sureksha kariyakram, RSBY, IDSP, Leprosy, Lok Sewa Samiti, Disaster Management, Epidemic Control, Vector Born Disease Control, Accreditation of Hospitals 

0755- 2570301

Director i/c

 Dr  J L Mishra

Nursing & Family Welfare

All Commission, Public Grievances, CM Help Line, RTI, Citizen Charter,

Appellate Authority,


 [Head Of the Office] 

 Additional Director [Administration]

 Director [Legal]


 Mr. Vivek Shrotriya

Gazette, Non-Gazette,  Legal Cell, C.R Cell, Chattisgarh Cell, Stores, 

Office Establishment, Legal Section [Court Cases]

I.T [Computer Cell]

[Establishment- PGMO, MO, Nursing, ANM, Paramedical under NHM]



 Additional Director


Ms. Roohi Khan

Nursing & Family Welfare [Establishment]

Executive Officer, प्रधानमंत्री राष्ट्रीय स्वास्थ्य सुरक्षा मिशन


Additional Director [Finance]

Dr. Rajiv Saxena

Finance, Accounts, Budget

Payment, Audit, Pension


Additional Project Director [AIDS Control Society]

Joint Director

Mr. Rakesh Munshi

Additional Project Director [AIDS Control Society]

Training, IDSP, Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Coordination,

Nivesh [Global Submit], Health Investment Policy,

Nodal Officer- राज्य आनंद संस्थान


Joint Director  i/c  Dr. Veena Sinha

Planning & Development

O.E section, Pension Section, General Section


 Joint Director  i/c  Dr. P K Chaturvedi

MR/2nd Opinion, State Medical Board

State TB Programme Officer

Hospital Administration [Cell-4, 5 6, साफ़ सफाई सुरक्षा व्यवस्था , Nursing Home Act, Private Practice, Diet, Human Rights, RTI, लोक सूचना अधिकारी का प्रभार


Joint Director  i/c

Dr. Vandana Vishnar Khare

Family Welfare /NRM, PC & PNDT


Joint Director  i/c

Dr. Ajay Baroniya

IDSP, Epidemic Control, Vector Born Disease Control Programme, Malaria Control Programme,  Disaster Management, NLEP & State Leprosy Programme


Joint Director  i/c

Dr. Upendra Kumar Dubey

Dialysis, EMSS,  Biomedical Waste Management, Diagnostic work Report, Trauma, ICU, Super Specialty Scheme,  State Blood Transfusion Council, Lok Sewa Guarantee,

Nodal Officer - विधानसभा निर्वाचन 2018 Monitoring of Health Facilities

Nodal Officer India Code Portal

Medical Council, Member Secretary- Gas Relief Monitoring Society,

Chief Engineer  i/c

Mr. Rakesh Garg


0755- 2551498

 Joint Director  i/c  Dr. Pankaj Shukla

 Radiation Safety


 Joint Director  i/c  Dr. Santosh Shukla

 Immunization Programme [VHND]/Tribal Health

Joint Director  i/c

Dr. J P Khare

Complaint Division

Dy. Director  i/c

Dr. Sheela Meena

IDSP, Public Health

  Dy. Director i/c  Dr. L B Asthana

Family Welfare Establishment

RTI, Citizen Charter

Legal Cell


 Dr. Man Mohan Mahulia


 Dy. Director i/c  

NCD, TB Cell Coordination,  SIAF, CM Bal Hriday Upchar Yojana, Deendayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojana

 Dy. Director i/c

Dr. Pranati Vijaykumar


Dy. Director i/c

Dr. Rajashree Bajaj

Training [Nursing]

Dy. Director i/c

Dr. Hemant Sinha

Blindness, Family Welfare, RSBY

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Himanshu Jayswar

VBDCP, Coordination, Vidhan Sabha

Transport, NCD [IDD & NPPCF], IT

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Shivshankar Bhushan

 T.B, Leprosy

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. B D Khare

Gazetted Section/ C.R Cell

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Indrajeet Singh Sikarwar

Procurement Cell, Radiation Safety Cell,

PPP & Multilateral related works

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. O P Tiwari

 Immunization Programme

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Archana Pundir

NCD [Blindness], M.R

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Ruby Khan

State Blood Transfusion Council [Technical]

Lab reinforcement Programme, Lok Sewa Guarantee

Hospital Administration

Nodal Officer-Medico-Legal cases,

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Manish Kumar Jonjare

T.B Programme


 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Sharad Tiwari

Non-Gazetted Section [NG]

 Dy. Director i/c  Dr. Saurabh Purohit

NCD, Deen Dayal Antyodaya Upchar Yojna

 Administrative Officer [DDO]  Mr. Anil Mittal

 DDO Finance

 Administrative Officer  Mr. J K Jain

 Hospital Administration

Immunization Coordinator

Dr. Ashwin Bhagwat

Immunization Coordinator


Cold Chain Officer

Mr. V.K Shrivastava

Cold Chain

 Administrative Officer  Mr. Prashant Awasthi